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Here is a common list of abbreviations you may see when looking up Frequent Flyer information. Although not exhaustive, this is a good start.
QF = Qantas Airways
VA = Virgin Australia
DJ = Virgin Blue (now replaced with VA)
JQ = Jetstar (3K = Jetstar Asia, VF = Valuair, GK = Jetstar Japan, though most people simply write JQ unless indicating a flight number)
TT = Tiger Airways
AA = American Airlines
BA = British Airways
CX = Cathay Pacific
EK = Emirates
EY = Etihad
KA = Dragonair (CX’s sister airline)
JL = Japan Airlines
MH = Malaysia Airlines
NZ = Air New Zealand
SQ = Singapore Airlines
TG = Thai Airways
VS = Virgin Atlantic
NB = Bronze (QF)
NR = Red (VA)
PS = Silver
QP = Qantas Pub (ie. Qantas Club)
SG = Gold
GE = Gold Elite (NZ)
WP = Platinum
WP + PG = Platinum + Partner Gold
WP1 = Platinum One (QF)
CL = Chairmans Lounge (QF)
VIP = Velocity VIP (VA)
PPS = Priority Passenger Service (SQ). You may also Solitare PPS, which gives further benefits above the basic PPS Club.
LTQP = Lifetime Qantas Club
LTS = Lifetime Silver
LTG = Lifetime Gold
Following an airline code, an elite status level would usually appear as ‘QF WP’ – Qantas Platinum, or ‘VA SG’ – (Virgin Australia) Velocity Gold. As QP isn’t technically a status level, you may also see QP + PS, which would be a Silver Frequent Flyer member who also has a Qantas Club membership.
Keeping up? 8-)
Y = Economy
W, PE or Y+ = Premium Economy
J = Business
F = First
OW = oneworld

  • OWR = oneworld Ruby
  • OWS = oneworld Sapphire
  • OWE = oneworld Emerald

*A = Star Alliance

  • *S = Star Alliance Silver
  • *G = Star Alliance Gold

ST = SkyTeam

  • E = SkyTeam Elite
  • E+ = SkyTeam Elite Plus

ASA = Any Seat Award (Qantas). Eg. JASA would be a business class Any Seat Award, with the first letter indicating the travel class. Others you may see are YASA, WASA, and FASA (in order: economy, premium economy, and first)
CNA = Catering not assured
EROW = Emergency exit row (seating)
ETKT = E-ticket
HLO = Hand luggage only (ie. carry-on bags)
OLCI = Online check-in
PNR = Passenger name record. Usually this refers to your airline-issued travel itinerary.
RTW = Round the world
SFSC = Self-funded status chaser

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