Early invite for the Qantas Cash Card

Qantas announced earlier this year that they would upgrade their Frequent Flyer cards to become a travel money card. Allowing you to load up money onto the card and earn points, it could be a good way to travel overseas without worrying about exchange rates. Of course the devil is in the details so I will reserve my judgement on how good the card will be until more details come forward.
Slated for release later this year, It seems they were left flat footed when Virgin suddenly announced their cash card a few days ago, asking some frequent flyers to register for early interest (I wasn’t lucky enough).
Today I received an email inviting me to be “one of the first to receive the new card”.
Unfortunately no further details – the Virgin offering was very similar too, but watch this space and I will post more details as they come to hand!
If you have received an invite, join in our conversation here.

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